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    We cant wait to announce SoulCams V2!
    Exciting news! SoulCams is getting a fresh, modern look with a responsive design. This means it will work well on various devices and screen sizes, ensuring a better user experience. We're making it more user-friendly, simplifying menus. The mobile version is getting a makeover, and we'll offer multiple language options. For models, registration will be easier, and the interface will be improved for mobile use.​
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      Concurso de Halloween 2023

      Celebramos la temporada de Halloween con dos fantásticos concursos entre el 16 de octubre y el 2 de noviembre de 2023:

      1) Concurso de consejos de Halloween:

      2) Concurso de vídeos cortos de Halloween:

      1) Concurso de consejos de Halloween:

      ¡Reúna la mayor cantidad de regalos virtuales y Me gusta (insignia de calabaza) de Halloween entre el 16 de octubre y el 2 de noviembre mientras esté en línea y gane uno de los premios en efectivo del total de $660! Esta vez solo se cuentan los obsequios virtuales de Halloween recibidos durante las sesiones en línea (otros obsequios virtuales se excluyen del cálculo de puntos). La cantidad de obsequios virtuales recibidos cuenta (cantidad) y no la cantidad y/o los ingresos que obtienes de ellos. Los miembros también pueden apoyarte presionando el botón "Me gusta" (insignia de calabaza) en tu perfil (debajo del campo de entrada del chat) cuando estés en línea. Un miembro puede darle "Me gusta" al modelo (darle una insignia de calabaza) cada dos horas (12 veces cada 24 horas). Un miembro activo es aquel que realizó al menos una compra dentro de los últimos 30 días.

      2) Concurso de vídeos cortos de Halloween:

      El objetivo del concurso es subir vídeos cortos con temática de Halloween y conseguir el mayor número de visualizaciones posible. Los 5 modelos con la puntuación más alta ganarán premios en efectivo.

      Lea la descripción completa de este concurso aquí donde también podrá ver algunos ejemplos:​

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        ¡El concurso #SoulCamsSuperstars está EN VIVO! 💃🕺
        🏆 ¡Gana premios increíbles y gana fama! 🏆​​

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          Our brand new Model Awards, SoulCams Superstars just started! What's new? Where to even begin... One of the biggest change is, that instead of one contest, we are starting 10 different ones, allowing Models to compete in different categories. Each category will have 11 winners and cash prizes.

          About SoulCams Superstars in general

          You can collect points and win amazing cash prizes by participating in our SoulCams Superstars contest. The contest starts at 3 Nov, 2023.

          SoulCams Superstars consists of 10 different contests running in parallel with each other.

          The contest runs every 11 days and based on Central European time. Once the contest finishes, the next one starts right away and automatically.

          A model can win prizes in multiple categories (though only one prize per category), except the one organised only for new models'.

          You do not need to apply for the contest, you take part in it automatically as long as you meet the criterias (see them below)

          By participating in the contest, you as a model, agree to be bound by the contest rules and by Fluffy Stone Media GmbH’s decisions, which are final and binding on all matters pertaining to the contest.

          SoulCams Superstars ranks and prizes

          In each category there are 11 winners with money prizes. This means that, altogether, 110 models win money prizes every 11 days which is 330 models per month.

          Total prize is: $700 in each categories, every 11 days. This means that we give away $7000 every 11 days (for the 10 categories), which is $21.000 altogether every month.

          Total prize: $700 in each categories = $7000 / 11 days = $21.000 / month

          1st place: $300

          2nd placeSmiley :$150

          3rd place: $100

          4th place: $60

          5th place: $30

          6th place: $20

          7th place: $15

          8th place: $10

          9th place: $5

          10th place: $5

          11th place: $5

          The conditions of participating in the promotions

          an approved and active Performer Account (accounts suspended for violation of our rules will be automatically disqualified from the contest)

          Tags: at least 8 tags added to your profile to describe yourself (and your private show and/or what users can expect from you while you are online). You can update your tag list in your model account (menu Settings / My profile and Performer category and tags section).

          a set up profile image where the model is recognizable by face. You must be visible on this image, by face, and should not show any other non-registered person on. Do not upload quotes, funny pictures, stock photography or copyright images that you don’t own the rights or license.

          What the 10 contests are about, how your points add up

          To keep the contest fair and balanced, we introduced the weighing of points. Simply put, this means, that not all points are calculated with the same importance. Some points are more valuable, than others. You can see all the contest standings on one single page. See it here!

          Showtime Marathon

          = Most times spent in private shows. Models with the most time spent in private shows and spy sessions in total will win. Standard, 1on1 and spy sessions count the same as time spent in privates and spy sessions count (and not the income models make from them).

          Private Stars

          = Most Private show votes in total. To vote for a model, members need to spend at least 5 minutes in private continuously (without interruption). Once the member goes to private session, a VOTE button will appear on the top of the chat panel where they can rate the show from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest. When the 5 minutes have passed, the button will become active for the member and the vote can be issued. If the member forgets to vote for the model during the private session, it can be done later too in the Vote for a show menu in the menu bar until midnight (Note: all times are CET). Note: one member can vote maximum 10 times per calendar day. All times and dates are according to CET (UTC+1).

          Invite Only

          = Newly referred members' total spending. The member has to make his first purchase during the current 11-day long contest and has to be new without any transactions on any other accounts. Users who registered earlier but have not purchased tokens yet also count, the date of the first successful transaction matters (and that has to be in the relevant contest). You will get points based on the referred members' spending (not the purchases) and you also get points if the user you referred spends elsewhere. You can read more about member referrals here: Member referral - How it works

          I am Legend

          = Collecting the most Likes and new Followers.

          Likes: you can collect points by collecting 'likes' from members. The 'Like' button is beneath the chat input field when you are online. A member can 'Like' the model every two hours (12 times per 24 hours). An active member is one who made at least one purchase within the last 30 days. VIP members' like count double!

          Followers: Members can follow you by clicking on the ‘Follow’ icon on your profile. Both basic members (without purchase) and standard can follow you. You can receive contest points if a Member with at least one purchase will start following you (basic member followers do not count). Note: a member already following you, unfollowing and following again, will not count.

          Gifts Galore

          = Collecting virtual gifts (pieces). The aim is to collect as many virtual gifts as possible. A model needs to be online to collect virtual gifts. If you are not sure what the virtual gifts are exactly, please check out this page: Virtual gifts on SoulCams. The number of virtual gifts received count (quantity) and not the amount and/or income you make from them. There can be various virtual gift categories, sometimes seasonal ones as well. All of available gift categories count in the contest always.

          Creators Highlight

          = Models collecting the most new Fan club subscribers + selling the most contents (videos and image albums) will win.

          Fan club subscriptions: each member subscribing for the model's Fan club will mean contest points for you. The Fan club subscriptions need to happen during the relevant 11-day long contest period. Do not have a Fan club yet? You can create one easily. Please read more about Fan club here: SoulCams Fan Club

          video and premium photo album sale: upload videos and image albums and generate income from them. You will receive points after each video and/or photo album that members buy. Read more about the Video sale feature here: Content sale and find more information on Premium Photo sale here.

          Cosmic Love

          = Generating earnings from as many different members as possible. The more different members the models make their earnings from, the bigger their contest points will grow. All income types count, except offline tips, content sales and Fan club subscriptions. Note: the same member with more accounts spending in your room will count as one member.

          Free your mind

          = Models with the most free chat time in total will win. Only free chat time counts, time spent in private show and Hidden cam mode do not. Being online too long without break/sleep, zooming on certain body parts and other such activites that aims to abuse the contest points are forbidden and will result in a ban from the contests. Check out the rules section for further information: Rules


          = Models with the most '2 free minutes' private shows. The Free minutes is a popular, unique SoulCams feature, available only on our site. Models can give 2 free minutes to their fans and the models will get contest points after the number of free minutes spent on them. Not sure how the Free minutes feature works? Please check out this guide: SoulCams Extras

          Promising Stars

          = New models collecting the most contest points. This contest is only for models who registered after 1 October, 2023. The new models get points for the followings: time spent in private shows and spy, vote after privates, collecting Likes, new followers and virtual gifts (quantity matters not the income after them), online time (free chat time counts only)

          Payment of Prizes

          Prizes will be paid like normal promotional prizes when the contest ends. The prizes will be added to your stats right away.


          We reserve the right to disqualify models from contests and promotions if the performance or quality of the stream is not up to our standards. We consider these events and incidents as damaging to the website's reputation and will not tolerate them. These include, but not limited to the following:

          Broadcasting low quality, bad stream (low FPS, low resolution, low light conditions, artifacts, etc.)

          Empty chat room (model is not appearing on cam), both in Free chat and Hidden cam mode

          Appearance not appropriate: model should look authentic and attractive

          Dirty or messy clothing

          Lack of overall hygiene

          Lack of mental and/or physical fitness (sleep deprivation, looking tired or exhausted)

          Being online too long without break/sleep

          sleeping in front of the cam or 'passing out'

          Broadcasting pre-recorded video instead of live stream

          Constant stream showing total zoom on one specific body part, clothing item or room equipment/furniture

          Still stream (one frame showing only as still image)

          Using stolen identity / fake IDs to register a model account

          Forcing members to vote, tip, start a private session, etc.

          Mocking, harassing other models or users of SoulCams. Talking about other models in a disrespectful way.

          Promotion of your profile and/or services through spamming (including email, comments, chat, board and so on)

          Model using her own card, friends' card, family members' card for creating member account and buying tokens to spend them on herself, abusing the contest points

          Model using a real member's account to log in and spend tokens from there on herself, to abuse the contest points. This is also not allowed if the member officially gives permission for the model to do so.

          involvement in fraud

          In certain cases, we will notify and warn the model before suspension but in some cases we will suspend the account for a given time or even close the account immediately.

          Step 1: Notification, warning (by email or in chat)

          Step 2: Suspension of account (from 1 hour to a few days, depending on the severity)

          Step 3: Closing of the account and in some cases holding payments

          Follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

          instagram: @soulcamsofficial

          twitter: @soulcams

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            💘 Love is all around! Valentine's Day is coming soon and we would like to invite all of you to celebrate with us here at SoulCams!
            📷 Our photo contest is back: upload your best love themed photos and let members vote on them.
            Collect points and get a share of the 20.000 tokens prize, that is up for grabs for 7 lucky contestants!
            You can upload photos as from 5 February and members can start casting their votes on 11 February.

            💡 Make sure that photos contain elements connected with Valentine's Day, love, romance, sensuality, etc. and are not explicit (think of glamour or artistic nudity).

            You can read more on the photo contest on our wiki page. If you have any questions, look for our online support chat or drop us an email.

            There will be special Valentine's Day themed tips available during that time. Also, Members will get extra tokens betwen 13-15 February and 5 lucky Members will win the amount of tokens back that they purchased during that period.

            Contest time and date is based on UTC-8 (PST).​

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              3,2,1... Lights, camera, action - Upload your best photos to win!
              📷 Our Valentine's Day Photo Contest starts on 11 February. You can now upload your best shots and get a share of the 20.000 tokens prize!

              💡 Make sure that photos contain elements connected with Valentine's Day, love, romance, sensuality, etc., and are not explicit (think of glamour or artistic nude).

              You can read more about the photo contest on our wiki page. If you have any questions, look for our support chat or drop us an email.

              Members will also be pampered with surprises: a token raffle, bonus tokens on purchases. We are also giving $50 worth of tokens to a large group of Members, so we recommend you to be present and stream in the upcoming days.

              ⏰ Contest time and date is based on UTC-8 (PST).​